Saturday, 17 May 2008

Jasper Leyland – Fieldstone

Fieldstone is the work of Jasper Leyland A.K.A. Jonathan Brewster from round my way in North Yorkshire. For some reason I hadn’t heard much of his stuff before until I got my hands on Fieldstone, which is his second album that was released in 2007, and very rare indeed. I don’t even have my own copy I’m listening to my sisters. When I get some cash I’m heading straight out to get his latest offering Wake which has had some mad props from places like Boomkat, who gave it their album of the week earlier in the year when it was released. He has always had ace taste in music and its so cool seeing him put it to good use.

The music is a rich yet minimal tapestry of sound drawing from recordings made in the field of allsorts of natural sources. Have a listen and play the guess where that sound came from game. I hear some water in places and maybe a crow. Acoustic guitar often features on Fieldstone too, in spares loops and melodies, lovingly processed through subtle digital equipment. Its all so ambient, minimal and like walking through a forest alone. I hear similarities in places to Leafcutter John in his solo work as appose to him in Polar Bear or even parts of Murcof. Full of dreamy sounds like your wrapped in a blanket snug in a tent, and micro glitches that ricochet from ear to ear, like a bug flashing by sound great. Fieldstone is nature lovingly crafted into beautiful soundscapes.

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