Saturday, 31 May 2008

diskJokke – Staying In

Now I’m a fan of dance music and I love it when there is a really good dance album that is a whole package that you can listen to all the way through. diskJokke has pulled this off with style; with Staying In, its just so damn addictive and ace. I would describe the sound as maybe 8-bit-trance-electro-beat or something. Apparently diskJokke is a classically trained Violinist and this shines through on some of the compositions here. The beats are all full of fun and the bass is phat and a little old school rave in places. The Guardian give the quote, "Emotional club tracks with the kind of sadness that seeing a melting polar ice cap evokes." And I have to agree with that statement I think, it sums up the sound quite nicely. There isn’t a track as mental, cheesy and ace as Popcorn on Staying In but maybe that is a good thing and some of it isn’t far off that kind of sound. This is playful techno with a little bit of a sad heart too its completely adorable and danceable to boot. His remix work is also top notch; I really like his rework of Lykke Li’s Everybody But Me. Bubbling synths and drum machines combine with a beautiful euphoric sadness and joyful ping all at once its quite special indeed. Each track is solid on Staying In I’m not even going to pick a stand out, they all work together really well and flow in and out of each other with ease. Ok so the album may not be perfect it is a little samey and doesn’t really go to far in the way of different moods, but the mood it does take is damn enjoyable. diskJokke has made one of the best dance albums this year for me so far.

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